Vegan Greek Yogurt

Between the cost and waste savings, control of what you consume, and the incredible taste, there is no reason to continue to buy store bought yogurt!

Vegan Stuffed Shells

Sometimes you just need a good hearty pasta dish…and sometimes you just need your kids to EAT SOME FREAKING VEGETABLES ALREADY!!!  Well, at least this fills both requirements; I got my yummy pasta and my kids unknowingly ate spinach, mushrooms, onions, beans, and tofu.  And everyone loved them, no questions asked.  Parenting win. Ingredients: 26…

Coconut Curried Quinoa

Easy 3-step creamy coconut curried quinoa. A versatile recipe that is excellent a main dish or a side to grilled veggies.

Sesame Green Beans with Crispy Garlic

I’ve been craving veggies lately.  I even moved up my Sunday Roastday to Friday because I just couldn’t wait.  While these green beans are not roasted, it satisfied my need for some greens.  And throw in some delicious crispy garlic cloves…heaven. This makes a great side dish for a barbecue or party, but lets be…

Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip

Inspiration strikes at the most random of times.  For me, it is usually in the produce section…go figure…it’s always about food.  I saw the most beautiful artichokes the other day and just had to have them, probably like how most women feel about a new pair of shoes.  So there I stood in the check…